Dambe: Kickboxing from Africa

Based on the ancient boxing traditions of Egypt, Dambe is a deadly striking art. Dambe is a centuries-old West African form of kick boxing originating from the butcher caste of the Hausa people. A fight lasts three rounds, ending in the knocking out of one of the opponents. Dambe fighters do not use boxing gloves but instead wrap their hitting arm in rope.

Dambe derived from the Hausa word for “boxe” and included a wrestling component, but now it is essentially a striking art. In Dambe, one hand is called a “spear” and is tightly wrapped in twine or covered with a boxing glove.

The other hand, called a “shield”, is left bare and is used for defense. Matches are divided into three rounds and kicking is allowed. The goal of Dambe is to score a “kill” by knocking the opponent to the ground, which can be difficult when there are limited to using only one hand.
Dambe: Kickboxing from Africa

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