Silek tuo

The Minang Silek Tuo art from the surrounding villages of Padang is said to be one of theoldest silek systems and closely related in its appearance to Sterlak.

Silek tuo was the oldest silat and gave rise to new silat schools afterwards. Silek tuo is a traditional martial art of the Minangkabau community, which has the terms of motion based on the Al-Qur'an and Hadis which are projected to be static and dynamic.

Silek tuo is the oldest martial arts among other martial arts in West Sumatra. Silek tuo has a typical characteristic but is difficult to be attacked by an opponent.

Silek training is done primarily at night when the light is dim to further develop not only technical skills, but also to sharpen the practitioners’ intuition. A core tenet of silek philosophy is the emphasis on its defensive nature. Silek is intended to be used only to protect oneself and one’s family and friends from harm, and to instill self-discipline and respect in all practitioners.
Silek tuo

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