Silat Tjinkrik

In South-east Asia, silat is popular in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei Darussalam. Silat Tjinkrik is one of the most well known in Indonesia.

Silat Tjinkrik is a Javanese system of silat that uses an evasive style with fast, powerful open-hand action. The key to the acrobatic action required by this system is footwork.

This style of silat has lived for many years and hereditary inherited from one generation to the next.

One of its tactics is the ability to move from a standing position to a low “sitting” posture and then suddenly spring up to deliver an attack. Because many of the movements in this style emphasize jumping with one leg (jejingkrikan in Betawi language), the style is referred to as Tjingkrik.

Modern silat Cingkrik has been branched into several different styles, which have taken on the name of the individual teaching each particular system.
Silat Tjinkrik
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