Silat Tapak Suci Muhammadiyah

In 1963, the Silat current called Tapak Suci was made an official part of the Muhammadiyah. The structure of the Silat masters and practitioners of Muhammadiyah has been notably influenced by the desire to oppose the increasing and threatening influence of the Indonesian Communist Party.

It was founded by two Pendekar brothers who had learned pencak silat from Pendekar K. H. Busyro from Banjarnegara Silat School. The two Pendekars, the elder brother A. Dimyati and his younger sibling, A. Wahib, then continued their indepth knowledge of pencak silat individually from various forms and styles of pencak silat in many regions in Indonesia.
Muhammadiyah was established by Kyai Haji Ahmad Dahlan in Yogyakarta in 1912. The long-term vision of Muhammadiyah is to uphold andup lift the teaching of Islam to establish the true Islamic society. Although Tapak Suci is an integral part of Muhammadiyah, it is managed autonomously.

Tapak Suci has its own characteristics when compared to other martial arts stream. Tapak Suci is the flow of pure traditional martial arts, because it brought together a variety of martial arts, and revealing these sciences.
Silat Tapak Suci Muhammadiyah
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