Tahtib martial arts of Egypt

The use of sticks in fighting developed into an Egyptian martial art called Tahtib. Egyptian tahtib (or wooden stick) lies in middle ground between dance and competitive play. Tahtib play is divided into three distinct sections. First is the processional of combatants and musicians.

The second is a rapidly paced dance involving the two combatants and others of the company. Third is actual performance.
The tahtib dance is the oldest form of Egyptian martial that has survived. This dance is usually performed at wedding, welcoming parties or harvest festivals. Not only was it practiced as an art form and recreational activity, but it was also a form of self defense.

This dance is thought to have survived from the times of the pharaohs. Paintings on walls of monuments, tombs, and temples showed this dance so that soldiers could learn it.
Tahtib martial arts of Egypt
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