World Karate Federation

Karate was introduced in many countries as early as 1950, by Japanese masters mainly from the Japan Karate Association (JKA). The taught but did not create national and international organizations as in other sports. In 1970, an international body was established under the name of the World Union of Karate Organisations (WUKO).

On 6 June 1985, WUKO was officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

In 1970 Jacques Delcourt, a lawyer, 4th dan black belt and karate teacher, organized the IKU (International Karate Union), and he further tried to organize karate at world level.

Ryoichi Sasakawa, then the president of All Japan Karatedo Federation, traveled to France to discuss the creation of an international governing body. The IKU was then disbanded and WUKO was created. The First World Championships were held in Tokyo in October 1970.

In 1990, WUKO tried to unify with ITKF (International Traditional Karate Federation) in an effort to form a world organization; however, this effort failed, leaving WUKO to create WKF.

The WKF unifies many of the world’s karateka who practice either sport karate or traditional karate, and it promotes friendly bonds among athletes worldwide. It coordinates karate activities throughout the world, establishes technical and operational rules, and organizes and controls international meetings.
World Karate Federation
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