Pencak Merpati Putih

Merpati Putih was founded by Saring Hadi Poernomo in Yogyakarta, central Jawa in 1963. The school traces its origin to a system of self-defense and spiritual development taught in the royal palace of Amangkurat II, the sultan of Mataram, in the seventeenth century.

Started as martial arts of Mataram and being in the hands of the seventh generation. Later master Saring Hadi Poernomo passed it over to his sons: Mas Poerwanto Hadipoernomo (the older) and Mas Budhi Santoso Hadipoernomo (the younger). They then developed and expanded this martial art as what Merpati Putih known today.

Students at the school in their early teens, punch dozens of blocks of ice, wood and concrete until their bruised knuckles turn crimson. The goal is to shatter a target with one blow, a helpful skill in hand to hand combat.

Exponents of the school are well known for their ability to develop inner power or tenaga dalam. Merpati Putih is also renowned in Indonesia for its breathing exercise and for training of elaborate skills such as the ability to sense getaran (waves or vibrations).

The Merpati Putih annual meeting or ‘tradisi tahunan’ tales place at Parangkusumo, where the goddess ‘Ratu Kidul’ is said to reside.
Pencak Merpati Putih
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