Who is Dato’ Bahaman?

Born in 1838, Dato’ Bahaman the son of Tuanku Imam Nuh who migrating from Bangkinang, Kampar, Sumatra, and his mother Rokiah Abdul Rahman, daughter of Tok Setia Perkasa Semantan of Bugis tribe from South Sulawesi.

He was said to be mighty and powerful and to have made himself mighty by bathing in a cauldron of boiling oil.

Expert in silat, the Malay martial arts, have led Bahaman to be label as 'Seman Tahan' by the people around the area.

Dato’ Bahaman openly defied the British in Pahang, and his sacking of Temerloh in 1891 launched the Pahang Rebellion (1891-1895). A menial to Wan Ahmad, Bahaman’s partial prowess in wars elevated him to chief o Dato’ Setia Perkasa Pahlawan Setia Semantan and the senior chieftainship of Temerloh.

In 1891 British Resident persuaded Sultan Ahmad to sign a decree depriving Dato’ Seman of his title. As Sultan Ahmad bowed to British pressure, consequently, Sultan Wan Ahmad stripped him of his title and position.

Dato’ Bahaman came out open defiance, initialing a series of armed confrontations known as the Pahang War. The rebellion broke out when Bahaman attacked posts along the Semangat River. Over the next few years other disturbances broke out as series of rebel leaders occasionally attacked settlement in Pahang and disappeared into the vast jungle.

In November 1895, Bahaman and others surrendered to the Siamese authorities and were allowed to settle there.
Who is Dato’ Bahaman?
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