Lime bath for silat

In certain school of silat, anyone wishing to study silat must bring several items for his mandi tapak, including a lime, banana, tamarind, and sintuk. The silat master representative will slice the lime as a gesture to accept the student who will then be called murid silat.

The student will bathe with limewater to complete the ceremony. It is a must to undergo this traditional ritual to meet requirements as a student of silat.

Kaffir Lime fruit
The lime is regarded as a fruit that cures many diseases; taking a bath with limewater indicates cleansing of the body. The sintok, similar to coconut husks, is used as a sponge to rub the body.
It was said that the lime bath the silat master summons the shadow of a long dead ancestor to make visible the personality type of the neophyte who is typified by humoural disposition according to a four-element taxonomy read through a lime-cutting ritual.
Lime bath for silat

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