Cimande in Indonesia

Cimande is perhaps the most well known of all, and elements of the styles are found in the repertoires of systems and schools of penca silat throughout the island of Java and beyond. As a style of pencak silat, Cimande has come to be synonymous with the spiritual knowledge associated with the traditional practice of the art. The practice of Cimande is heavily associated with Sufism, and particularly the teachings of the Sufi order Qadiriyah.

Ten village of Cimande sits in the highlands to the south of Jakarta, on the outskirts of the town of Bogor. The original settlement was the kampong Tari Kolot, and it is here that previous generations of practitioners of Cimande are laid rest.

The innovation of pencak Cimande is attributed to Embah Kahir. The aliran takes its name from the river Cimande, which si claimed by some to be an abbreviation of the phrase ‘Cai iman nu hade’, meaning in Sundanese ‘water that is good for the faith’ in reference to the water used for wudhu, the ablution before prayer in Islam.

Before prospective students can begin to practice penca Cimande, they must be initiated by a senior representative of the art and swear an oath to their teacher. Thus, instruction in the art is via a personal relationship between teacher and student.
Cimande in Indonesia

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