The origin of silat

Silat is an ancient martial art from Indonesian archipelago and Malay Peninsula of the Southeast Asian countries which include Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore.

The exact origin of silat is uncertain. History denotes that silat existed as far back as the sixth century AD. Most likely during that time the defense forms were still in the infancy stage.

There is an ancient legend about how silat began. Silat was developed by a woman who watched and memorized the movements of a battle between a tiger and a bird.

For Donn F. Draeger, silat Melayu was the ancient form of silat from which all modern forms derive. 

According to him, silat was a crude prototype of silat originating in the Riau Archipelago that subsequently became Silat Minangkabau and from Sumatera spread to Java and cross Southeast Asia.

It is believed that the origin of silat in Peninsular Malaysia dating back to at least the sixth century. It may be reached its historical peak during Hang Tuah era in the 15th century.

At that time the ancient Malay Kingdoms were at their height. These city states were constantly at war with one another for multitude of reasons. In these conditions silat began to flourish.
The origin of silat
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