Silat sterlak

Silat sterlak is a system, the name of which implies ‘to attack with strength’. This art of silat sterlak also known as terlak in Malaysia, tiralak, tralak, stralak and sterlak.

In addition there are also many derivative styles such as Terlak Nata, Terlak Empat.

It was said that Silat sterlak, the Minangkabau style, was designed as a countermeasure to silat harimau imitating ‘the fury of a herd of stampeding elephants, combining that with the wariness of the stalking tiger.’ 

Trainees are concerned with applying the whole body force behind the fist, foot, or head in making their attacks.

Western researchers suggest that silat sterlak appears to have Chinese antecedents of the xingyiquan variety, the Chinese Taoist style of Kung Fu.
Silat sterlak
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