History of Silat Cekak

Originally from Kedah state of Malaysia, this silat was developed to counter the Siamese martial or Muay Thai. It was registered in 1964.

This silat was practiced by royal family in Kedah and their senior warrior 150 years ago.

Silat Cekak or silat papan sekeping is one of the most popular silat in Malaysia. Others including, silat Gayong, silat Kalimah and Gayong Fatani.

Panglima Ismail one of the founder of silat cekak. Panglima Ismail is one of senior warrior Kedah empire. He was one of chief fighter together with other warrior, including Panglima Bukit Gantang and Tok Moris, fighting the Siamese army. At that time Kedah was under Sultan Ahmad Tajuddin II (1803-1843). He passed the knowledge of this art to Panglima Tok Rashid.

Panglima Tok Rashid was born in Sungai Daun, Kedah. However he moved to Kerian Kedah due to cholera pandemics. There he worked as a farmer and traditional medicine man.

Panglima Tok Rashid learnt silat cekak and later take over title senior warrior from Panglima Ismail. Tok Rashid later passed the knowledge to Yahya Said which from Batu Kurau Perak.

Silat Cekak later was registered on August 19, 1971 as Persatuan Seni Silat Cekak Malaysia.
History of Silat Cekak
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