Dato’ Bahaman

Dato Bahaman was born in 1838 as Abdul Rahman bin Imam Noh. Dato’ Bahaman prowess in wars elevated him to chief – Dato’ Setia Perkasa Pahlawan Semantan and the senior chieftainship of Temerloh. 

Dato Bahaman was said to be mighty and powerful to have made himself mighty by bathing in a cauldron of boiling oil. It was said also that Dato Bahaman was a practitioner of Silat Gayong.

The rebellion resulted from the dissatisfaction of Dato Bahaman towards British intervention in the Pahang administration.

In 1891 British Resident persuaded Sultan Ahmad to sign a decree depriving Dato Bahaman of his title.

The latter came out in open defiance, initiating a series of armed confrontations known as the Pahang War. 

In Jun 1894, Dato Bahaman and Mat Kilau attacked Kuala Tembeling and managed to win over the Jeram Ampai Fort. Attempts to engage Bahaman and his followers failed, but government forces gradually pushed them to flee to Kelantan.

The rebellion of Dato Bahaman and his followers in Pahang between 1891 and 1895 mobilized Islamic identity among the Malay community by rallying around sufi scholar Sayyid Abdul Rahman Al-Idrus or Tokku Paloh.
Dato’ Bahaman
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