Silat Pauh

One of the famous pencak silat in Padang area Sumatera country is silat pauh. The silat pauh is Kecamatan Pauh origin.

Characteristics of this silat pauh include a pattern of stepping movements in advancing retreating or turning which follows an imaginary square figure on the ground.

Readiness for combat is signified by thigh slapping.

Upon actual engagement the free hand us usually to protect the groin.

Vital points along the enemy’s center line are the major areas of assault. Those areas are measured by using the span distance between the outstretched thumb and forefinger as a guide.

Silat Pauh is one of the oldest styles in the area of Minangkabau. Others are Silat Tuo, Silat Kumango, Silat Stralak and silat Lintau.
Silat Pauh
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