Silat Kalimah

Silat Kalimah
Silat Kalimah is a style of silat from Malaysia. It is one of the oldest known silat arts in Malaysia. It is said to trace back to 1118 AD when Sheikh Abdullah or Sheikh Tajreed supposedly taught what would become Silat Kalimah to the family of Maharaja Merong Mahawangsa of the 9th ruler of Kedah.

The art is said to have kept secrets within the royal family for centuries before it was finally revealed to commoners during the reign of Sultan Ahmad Tajuddin III (1854-1879).

It was at this time that the sultan taught the art to his right hand warrior and admiral Panglima Ismail who in turn taught it to Panglima Hadi, which was handed down to Panglima Tok Rashid.

The latter then taught the art to a certain Yahya Said (Mahaguru of Kalimah) from Perak in 1923.

In this silat there are four basics ‘tepisan and pukulan’ methods:
Kaedah of Doa
Kaedah of Qiam
Kaedah of Ruku’
Kaedah Takbir

And there are 27 ‘buah penangkap’.
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