Silat – in Moro Land

Silat – in Moro Land
In Tawi-tawi silat has since been introduced to the natives of Jolo and Mindanao and has been practiced in combat sport by the Moros.

The art is never played, it is fought and it is not a martial art where the combatants walk away without some shedding of blood.

Moro tradition observes the secrecy of instruction.

Silat lessons are considered top secret by both leader and students and not everybody can witness the exercises and play.

The combat art is practiced in the home, all windows and doors are barred and no outsiders are allowed.

Usually an expert in this combat art only exhibits this knowledge of the art by body maneuvers like pivoting, parrying, hitting, turning at four corners, leaping, evading, swinging the bladed weapon for hit and parry.

Silat, when executed by Muslim players, gives the rendition of coordinated movements with modification of various techniques.

It is sometimes combined with the rustic and graceful striking movements of the Arnis.
Silat – in Moro Land
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