Kuntau Bangkui - Martial Art of Headhunters

Kuntau Bangkui - Martial Art of Headhunters
Deep in the heart of the Borneo Jungles Kuntau Bangkui is being put to use. An utmost unknown martial art, Kuntau Bangkui could be called the Martial Art of Headhunters.

Practiced in the Dayak head-hunter area in the Central Borneo this martial art is a matter of developed instincts for self defense and survival.

The Dayak head-hunter is perhaps the past of the primordial, an image of the past.

He is a man pitted against nature without compromise, he is a man who must sculpture his own life with is body, the basic component of self-defense tools.

And what a tool his body makes. Here everything comes into play, the movement of the hands, the shoulders, the fists, the palms of the hands, the finger, the feet, legs and the knees.

Here the sides of the feet and soles are used in a systematic schedule of retreat and pursuit. This is Kuntau Bangkui.
Kuntau Bangkui - Martial Art of Headhunters
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