Silat Harimau

Silat Harimau
Harimau means ‘tiger’ in English. Therefore silat harimau is based on tiger style fighting. This style is popular in southern Malay peninsular and Minangkabau. In Minangkabau also called silat kucing, but the word of tiger is more popular.

The style is said to have developed out of the necessity for combat on wet and highly slippery surfaces where upright stances are impractical; also to offset the eventuality of falling down on the ground from upright combat, there to be helpless and in danger of losing one’s life.

In executing the ground tactics the Harimau fighters find their legs all important. The style is deceptive and many an upright attacker is surprised by the quick defeat rendered by his ‘tiger’ foe. The ground-hugging harimau fighter is evasive, clever, and not the sitting duck he appears to. The speed and power of his legs and feet can demolish and ordinary upright defense.

Perhaps there is no silat as curious as the harimau style. Harimau silat is the most aggressive and dangerous style of Minang martial art, which is originated from West Sumatra.
Silat Harimau
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