Silat Cimande

Silat Cimande
Silat Cimande was developed before twentieth century in the Sukabumi region of Jawa Indonesia. Cimande is mainly an arm hand system but also can use leg and foot tactics with considerable force and effect; however, kicks are restricted to low target areas and are most often straight frontal attacks.

The Cimande fighter positions himself with elbows held in close to his body, open hand or closed fists, and makes circular actions with his hands as he advances. His posture is usually a deep crouch made from widely spaced feet, knees bent, body held upright.

Cimande form requires a proximity to the enemy generally not seen in other silat forms. The blow from the Cimande fighter’s arm is devastating. He has developed enough power in it to smash coconuts, concentrating the force of the blow not into the little finger edge of the hand but into the wrist.

Cimande gives great emphasis to weapons study. The staff, the forked iron truncheon, the short knife, the long bladed knife, and the heavy cleaver knife are all studied seriously.
Silat Cimande
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