The Story of Silat Gayong

The Story of Silat Gayong
Silat Gayong is one of a Malay self-defense; a fighting art and the art of stopping wars. The art is not merely about self-defense, it is also for the development of the self becoming a better person. It is a great way to develop and increase physical fitness, flexibility, mental conditioning, discipline and self-confidence. The philosophy of Gayong is strongly related to the Malay culture.

Silat Gayong
is believed to have originated from Bugis tribe in the Sulawesi Island. It was existed since the late fourteenth century at which time it was used to protect the Malay Empire and its people. Gayong art has been passed down from generation to generation; from the Gayong Warrior to Tengku Panglima Hitam to Syed Zainal Idris Al-Atas, to Daeng Uda Mat Hashim, to Meor Abdul Aziz and Dato Meor Abdul Rahman. Today, several practitioners have been entrusted to share the art with mankind.

Dato’ Meor Rahman
started teaching Gayong at Sudong Island during the Japanese occupation of Malaya in World War II. Silat Gayong now operated under organization called Persatuan Silat Seni Gayong Malaysia.

Basically there are seven stages of silat :
Tapak Gayong
Seni Tapak Gayong
Seni Keris
Seni Simbat
Seni Yoi
Seni Cindai
Seni Belian

Gayong is widely practiced in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Due to different opinions and styles of managing a very large organization, Gayong carries many different names; Gayong Malaysia, Gayong Pusaka, Gayong Warisan and Gayong PASAK. Regardless of whatever names Gayong may carry, they all agreed on one thing: that the Grand Master of Gayong will always be Dato Meor Abdul Rahman. Now, Gayong is slowly spreading into Europe and the Western world.
The Story of Silat Gayong

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