Bando: martial art from Burma

Simply known as ‘bando’, this martial art is inspired by the bull, eagle, cobra, panther and monkey, with the characteristics of each animal reflected in its forms or set movements.

Bando refers to an unarmed martial art that emphasizes evasion and quick, up-close techniques. A bando stylist will initially withdraw from an attack and then execute a devastating counterattack.
Key aspects of training include strict discipline, self development, and self-defense. According to the legend Indian monks brought their martial arts to Southeast Asia; bando originated among martial arts’ disciples in Buddhist temples.

Bando first came to the attention of Westerners at the end of World War II when a tame version of the system was brought to the United States. The modern, sportive version of Bando is often compared to the striking art of Muay Thai, but traditional Bando is a complete self-defense system, with native competition allowing high-velocity throws, grappling and head-butts.
Bando: martial art from Burma
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