Knife for fighting

The knife is probably the most common weapon in the world today, because it also serves as a tool for eating and work. It has been used by men from ancient times for defense and attack and still remains the favorite weapon of defense today.

The karate knife is a little different from a regular knife because of its construction. There should be a blade guard for protecting the hand of the user from the blade, as well as for gripping purposes, and a finger spot which the little finger wraps around when holding the knife for defense.

How many types of knife?
Daggers typically are double bladed and are designed primarily for stabbing. The purpose of the sharpened edges is more to make it difficult for an enemy to grasp than any thought of attacking by cutting.

*Utility Knives Utility Knives are designed primarily to be useful tools for Soldiers daily life. They are typically single bladed and have a much wider blade to prevent breakage. They can be useful for stabbing, although somewhat less so than daggers, and allow some other types of attacks.

*Folding Knives
Folding Knives, from a fighter’s perspective, have the disadvantage of being more difficult to deploy. Not only must a fighter get the knife in his hand but he must also deploy the blade, both while engaged in a fight.
Knife for fighting
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