Drums in martial art

Stemming from silat or pencak silat, the Malay art of self-defense, some dancelike forms have evolved.

The ensembles that accompany the silat, whether in its competitive martial-arts style or as a dance, are the gendang silat in the northern states and the ‘caklempong’ in the southern states.
One of the instruments of gendang silat is gendang or drums.  Types of silat drums include the gendang ibu or "mother drum" and the gendang anak or "child drum".

The drummers hit the small drumhead with hand and the large drumhead with an outcurve stick.

The larger gendang ibu is usually about sixty centimeters long and thirty-five centimeters in diameter, while the smaller gendang anak measure about forty-five centimeters in length and thirty centimeters in diameter.
Drums in martial art

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