Limau purut (Citrus hystrix)

Limau purut is smaller than a human fist, ear-like in shape having thick skin an a lot of wrinkles and it contains essential oils that give a nice aroma.

The fruit pulp is green-yellowish in color, sour in taste and sometimes gives a bitter taste. The leaves are broadly oval to oval-oblong shaped blunt edged and have one petiole. It leaves oil became popular because of its richness in citronellal.

Limau purut or botanically name Citrus hystrix play an important role in the rituals of Malay silat. The fruit is cut and blended with plain water before bathing for graduation of silat levels. Limau purut is also used for cleaning of kris.

The native range of this species is not known with certainty but it is widely cultivated throughout Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Southeast Asia, Sri Lanka and parts of India.
Limau purut (Citrus hystrix)
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