Luohan: The oldest style of Shaolin kung fu

When Bodhidharma saw monks of Shaolin Temple sitting in no-action mediation for hours and hours every day, he realized that things were out of balance. They are exercising their minds, but their bodies were growing stiff and weak.

 So with the help of former generals Hui Guang and Seng Chou, Bodhidharma introduced the monks to action mediation. He taught them the Eighteen Luohan Hands to strengthen them in all aspects physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually

Gradually the Eighteen Luohan Hands evolved into the Eighteen Luohan Fist. The Eighteen Lohan Hands were a set of chi kung exercises, whereas the Eighteen Luohan Fist was a set of kungfu techniques. The Eighteen Luohan Fist became the prototype of Shaolin Kungfu.

The Luohan's exercise is the inner exercise designed to improve the ability to see at night time. This kind of Kung Fu belongs to the Buddhist system of exercises designed to train the keenness of vision. This kind of training is quite difficult for an ordinary man, especially at the initial stage, but it results in the ability to see in pitch darkness.

The principal tactic of Luohan Fist is pressing attack. Even without internal force but with muscular strength and advantage of size, pressing attack can be very formidable to most people. Luohan:
The oldest style of Shaolin kung fu
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