Brazilian jiu-jitsu

Scholars of martial arts have traced the origins of Jiu-jitsu as far back as ancient Greece around 5000 years ago. It is thought to have been passé on the Buddhist monks by Alexander the Great and his soldiers during their attempted conquest of Asia.

Regardless of its origin, the Japanese embraced the ancient techniques, Japanese soldiers learned jiu-jitsu to prepare for unarmed combat against armed foes. By the late 1800s, jiu-jitsu transformed into a popular combat sport.

The Gracie family molded its own style of martial arts from judo and jiu-jitsu, The Gracies got their first taste of these martial arts in 1914. This is when Japanese judo and jiu-jitsu expert Esai Maeda came to Brazil to teach martial arts.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu focuses more on what to do once the battle is on the ground. It emphasizes submission moves, such as joint locks and chokes.
Brazilian jiu-jitsu
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